08 June 2009

taschen's new york

perryn and i made a spur-of-the-moment stop at the strand this evening, just to browse around. i saw this book, taschen's new york, for a steal! - just $29... i've seen the paris version at anthropologie for a lot more, so i was sure to pick this up at such a good price.... and the best part is, i still had a little bit left on a gift card for the strand (thanks, mom & dad!), so i only paid $1.97 for this baby! - such a good feeling..

anyway, i haven't had much time to look through it all yet, but i think it may soon become one of my favorites... not only is it big and chunky and has a bright pink cover, but i love the illustrations... and especially the fact that the book has tabs! - the pages in each of the three main categories (hotels, restaurants, & shops) are all die-cut and tabbed... plus, they list some of my favorite places around the city. my one complaint is that they don't highlight very many spots in my neighborhood. oh well... i guess this will get me to explore outside of my own neighborhood!... 

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Perryn said...

I like that you included Shake Shack... :)