03 June 2009

stillness is the move

so about a month ago when i went to the dark was the night show, i got to hear the dirty projectors perform with david byrne... the d.p.'s have a new album coming out next week, but you can go ahead and listen to the whole thing on npr's website right now.

i am especially loving this song, and i think you'll like it too, holly... (i'm not quite sure what the video is all about, but if anything you can click play and minimize, and just listen to the audio....)

oooooh - an update: you can listen to a recording of the whole dark was the night show here!!! exciting!


leeanne said...

you should go to the npr link for the dark was the night concert and fast forward to like an hour in.... Bon Iver played Flume with Shara Worden & guys from the national... ahhhh

holly said...

I KNOW! i have been listening to this the past two days soooo good