09 October 2012

wedding planning

Charlton and I are approaching our 2 year anniversary! The month of October reminds me of wedding planning...here are some of the events that led up to the wedding...

Charlton and me selecting wedding music...this was a tough task because I was not going to come down the aisle to any song...we listened and listened and listened to many songs to find the perfect one

I had a lovely shower at the Caroline House given to me by some very lovely women with wonderful Southern hospitality

our Honeymoon shower, was hawaiian style and lots of fun
my friend Sarah Robins did the cute invite postcard

Boo hard at work making earrings for all the bridesmaids.

Daddy hard at work making "gold trees"

I cut my finger with an exacto knife, about 2 weeks before the wedding

Sweet friends, Miss Denise, Lauren and Ruth helping to sew programs together
and tying ribbons on sticks to make ribbon streamers

Sweet Cile helping out too! Here we are making fabric flowers for the trees my dad was making

Tedious work!

day before the wedding, putting little flags together with Katie Rhea Stokes

Brigette and LeeAnne

Flower arrangements ready for the reception

and Daisy loved helping open all the gifts for us...thank you Daisy

and last but not least...my wonderful mom helped with everything! but you do not see her in pics because she took all the pics :)

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