01 September 2012


whew. almost a month later, i'm finally getting around to uploading images from Liz & Ray's wedding back on august 4th. (full disclosure: i had to archive/delete a whole bunch of files from my poor lil' computer before i could even import the pics from my camera.) once again, i didn't manage to get any photographs of the bouquets, but here are some pics of boutonnieres, the reception, and a little behind the scenes action.

the reception was in the beautiful refectory at the desmond tutu conference center, and the (lovely) event design was done by molly at glitter and rye. i just loved how each table was set up - it felt so homey to me, with stacks of books and family photographs... and the fact that the room was beautiful and reminded me of harry potter's lunchroom only helped the matter!

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