27 March 2012

shane and the franklin fountain

Charlton and I just got back from a grand tour through the northeast. One of my favorite parts of the trip was a visit to Shane Confectionery and the Franklin Fountain in Old Town, Philadelphia.

Both stores are owned by two brothers who have a love of history and express it in such a unique way through their business. The stores take you back into time with a product that is most delightful. The ice cream I had at Franklin Fountain was the best ice cream I had ever had! At Shane, I tried a sampling of cream filled eggs which were very delicious. The store was beautiful and had many specialty candies to choose from.

I highly recommend a visit to both shops, they sit together on one hundreed block of  Market Street.

My camera died so I did not get any pictures of my own, these are from the facebook page of the two shops.

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