23 November 2011

happy thanksgiving!

i love this holiday in new york. really, i love any holiday that is centered around food...

these are a couple of gorgeous images from new york magazine's spread on thanksgiving recipes a few weeks ago. they were too beautiful not to share... like a dutch still life.

the photos are by zachary zavislak. more of his work...

speaking of dutch still life paintings... the other day in john derian i found some really great glassware reproductions of vessels typical to these paintings. if i had all the money in the world i would drink out of them every day. i'll do a full post about them one day - once i find out the name of the company that makes them. but for now, just imagine these brought to life:

ps - i'm sorry i've been missing in action around here lately - i promise more new posts soon. and they won't be as random as this one was.

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