29 September 2011

the weekender

the mta (nyc's transit authority) is not exactly well-known for their cutting-edge graphics. and that is a complete understatement. but for once they've put together something that is very well designed! - they've enlisted massimo vignelli to re-work his 1972 version of the subway map to use on their new site called the weekender, an interactive site that keeps new yorkers informed of the scheduled service changes set to take place in the subway during the upcoming weekend (helpful!)

when vignelli originally designed the subway map, people had issues with the fact that it was more of a "diagram" than a geographically correct map, so they took it out of use a few years after he designed it. but now he has been vindicated and his map is back in use, with a few updates... as this article points out, his design was way ahead of its time so it was seamless to update it for a digital world. i loved the article and it made me think of you, holly, and your love for the vignellis!

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