19 April 2010

today i'm coveting

today for some reason there has been an onslaught of beautiful things that i really really want...

just to name a few:

sneakers! metallic! cute! - doesn't get much better. (from j.crew) - i need them.

hello sunshine necklace from kate spade. especially appropriate because the sun was OUT today in nyc!

and i loooove these flats from j.crew, but could we please do a comparison? 

i saw these flats in target this weekend... AND they are $12!! - i mean... i do love you, j.crew - but please. 

i think this print from fey handmade is great.

and so is this tiny lil' bike rubber stamp

and also... i think this hat is super cute! - but i'm not quite sure i could pull it off....??

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