03 October 2009

ode to anthropologie

oh, anthro - you have my heart forever.

it's pretty much a given that at any point in time i will be in love with one or more object from anthropologie. i don't know if it's because now it's fall (my fave) or if they've perhaps recently started designing things specifically with me in mind.... but there are SO many things right now that i am loving....

like these accessories:

phlox flats

ring & peal cloche (i only wish i could pull off a hat like this....)

belsay bangle

spider chrysanthemum scarf

and these home goods:

cameo lace chair
(sidenote: i am in LOVE with this upholstery, and have had a sample of it - Maharam Intricate in Coffee - pinned up in my cube at work for at least a year now, so i was excited to see it here!)

ikat rug

estuary lampshade

castilla lampshade

and these dishes:

scenic dessert plates

paint by number dessert plate

bateau platter

ah..... i will always love anthro for its never-ending inspiration!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

got to bring back the hats. why does no one wear them anymore?
-Katie J.