30 September 2008

my senior thesis

i discovered today that my senior thesis is featured on auburn's graphic design website! click here to take a look

utilitarian tote by martha

instructions and template for this tote on marthastewart.com too!

luggage tags

how cute are these luggage tags...you can get the instructions and art on marthastewart.com

see jane work

a creative work environment is a must...i just came across this site with so many fun things for the office...all to help a creative mind think with the left side of their brain

child at heart 3 :: jennifer murphy bears and other silly things

i could just look at these critters by jennifer murphy all day...she learned to make bears from her mom...i actually have one in my office...aren't they adorable

child at heart 2 :: belle and boo

i love these illustrations...they remind me of my favorite illustration from winnie the pooh of christopher robin

i am still a child at heart :: olli and lime

just too cute...modern eco deisgn for kids

28 September 2008

dear martha

dear martha, 
don't you know i shouldn't be spending any more time blog-surfing than i already do? then why did you have to introduce me to even more fabulous blogs? now i'm going to be trapped in my apartment all day long just looking at beautiful things. thanks.


p.s. - i still love you...


if you've updated your itunes software recently, you probably noticed the new genius sidebar... while you're listening to a song in your library or a sample from the itunes store, the genius sidebar makes suggestions for other songs you may like as well. so now, while i'm listening to my favorite songs in a long time for the 10,380,384th time, i can see other songs i may like as well! -probably bad for the bottom line ($), but all in all, i like it! - kind of like pandora.com, but with more instant gratification...you can buy the song right away, and there's no skip limit... it also creates playlists from your music based on a song!

26 September 2008


i don't know what to say but...yum

see cannelle et vanille

hooray! my website is up

my website with my portfolio is finally up...there are a few tweeks to make in the text, but overall it is finished...please note that there are three forms of navigation...the side bar moves you through different areas of my portfolio...the numbers above the picture move you through projects within those areas and the dots below the picture move you through different pieces within a project



so it is finally getting cool down here in alabama...i am so excited i am loving fall...i have already started to where my boots...i saw there on the blog bliss...but thought i would share them with you

bliss is blissful

so the blog bliss that i posted earlier...amazing!...delicate eye candy...her fashion research is great (esp choice in shoes)...and i love the photography she hasa of things she sees everyday...i am adding it to the sidebar list...these are kinda some random things i have put on here

le papier studio

i was also researching silhouette artists this morning as well...i came across this one...le papier studio...her silhouettes were charming...and her blog as well

isn't he charming

so i saw him today while on design sponge looking for some early morning inspiration...check out blissful images on etsy for more

i also enjoyed this photographers blog

24 September 2008

kelsey's debut in design sponge

i was surfing blogs, a normal afternoon routine of mine...looking for some insipration...when i came across the picture of kelsey's chair...i was like wow kelsey has that....then like wow...kelsey did that...check it out...click here

22 September 2008

the big picture

the big picture on boston.com is one of my favorite blogs that i've seen recently...today they had some absolutely gorgeous photos from India...