16 September 2008

the windy (and rainy) city

here are some photo's from my trip to chicago this past weekend with my mom and little sis...we went to the renegade craft fair but got rained out...we still had a fun trip

photo 1 :: the palmer house hilton
photo 2 :: julius meinl kaffee haus...a charming viennese coffee house with delectable pastries and authentic cusine
photo 3 :: from our day in oak park, the home of frank lloyd wright and a charming town
photo 4 :: rain, rain, rain, the bean and chicago architecture
photo 5 :: the best deep dish pizza in chicago, the tiffany ceiling in macy's on state street and the chicago equivalent of pink berry

1 comment:

leeanne said...

sorry it rained all weekend, but it looks like y'all had fun anyway!