28 June 2008

nyc waterfalls

i am DYING to go see these waterfalls by Olafur Eliasson... he built 4 waterfalls on the river in lower manhattan - including one at the base of the brooklyn bridge...they are up until october, so hopefully i will have time to go see them at some point.... for now, i'm headed down to the beach for vacation with family.... i guess i can settle for an ocean instead of a man-made waterfall on the river... but when i get back, i am definitely planning on doing this bike tour of the falls!...anyone care to join??


leeanne said...

update: wireless internet at our beach house...score. when i'm not at the beach i will be going on a week-long blog binge! get.excited.

holly said...

oh, i am excited...i was on a toal blog binge last week!